Kenya is a fantastic honeymoon destination offering both amazing game viewing and beautiful beaches

Kenya also tends to be fairly affordable as you don’t need to spend too long on safari in order to enjoy incredible game viewing. The Masai Mara in particular is so good that 4 days on safari will be utterly amazing, creating wonderful memories, and you can then spend a little more time on the beach, which is usually less expensive than being on safari.

However, the Masai Mara is not the only area worth visiting in Kenya. The Laikipia Region in central Kenya and Samburu/Mathews area to the north both offer a huge variety of different experiences, from luxury lodges and beautiful scenery to big game, walking, horse riding and fly-camping safaris. Your honeymoon can be tailored to your personal interests and requirements.

If you wanted to spend longer on safari and explore more of Kenya’s wilderness areas, perhaps combining two or three different safari regions, then this is easily possible.

For the beach, the range of properties in Kenya is huge, from resort-style hotels to boutique beach lodges. However, it is also possible to combine a Kenya safari with a number of other beach destinations including Zanzibar or Seychelles.


We have arranged numerous romantic weddings in such iconic locations as the foothills of Mount Kenya and the rolling grasslands of the Masai Mara. Your wedding can be tailored to suit your requirements – either with all the frills, or just romantic simplicity. There is a little paperwork involved and you will need a couple of days in Nairobi to start with, but overall, it is relatively straightforward. Obviously your ‘bush wedding’ can be incorporated into a longer safari and beach itinerary.

Whatever your specific ideas and desires, we specialise in designing individually tailored itineraries and can offer you the expertise and personal service required to guarantee a perfect honeymoon or wedding safari. Please call us on +44 (0) 1787 888590 to discuss your ideas and requirements, or email us via our Contact Us page.