Kenya Coast

The Kenya coast offers numerous excellent beach options to consider after your Kenya safari.

The coastal region is dominated by the better known centres of Mombasa and Malindi/Watamu. Close to Malindi is the beautiful Watamu Marine Park which offers good snorkelling opportunities, though be aware  that the beaches can be affected by seaweed in July and August.

Some of the best beach conditions in Kenya are found to the south of Mombasa, where the famous Diani village has a mixture of both large beach resorts and small, exclusive beach houses.

The most exclusive beach stays we offer are found on the south coast near the village of Msambweni. Here there are several properties that offer exclusivity, beautiful beaches and options to dive and snorkel.

Deep sea fishing is excellent along the whole Kenya coast (September to March is best), whilst scuba diving is best from Malindi southwards.

There are two main prevailing winds – those from the north-east (called the ‘kaskasi’) blow from around October to March/April, whilst those from the south-east blow from April/May to September/October (known as the ‘kusi’). The south-easters produce choppier seas and poorer snorkelling and diving conditions, but with the increased wind offer excellent sailing and wind surfing.