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Family Safaris

Visiting Africa with your children could be one of the most interesting, fun and educational holidays you ever take as a family.

There are obviously many factors to take into account, especially if travelling with younger children, but we are hugely enthusiastic about family safaris and have the expert knowledge and understanding to ensure you and your children’s expectations of Africa are met and exceeded.

Some huge positives about Africa as a family safari destination:


A few realities do however exist:
  • Much of East and Southern Africa is prone to tropical diseases and is malarial (not all), so children may need to have inoculations and take malaria prophylactics (malaria free safaris are possible in South Africa).
  • Some safari camps and lodges do not take children under a certain age – often 12 years
  • Some safari activities are not suitable for younger children, such as walking safaris, gorilla and chimp trekking, canoeing or horse-riding – the age limits vary but can be as high as 16 years
  • Immediate access to full medical facilities may not always be possible, although all properties will have first aid facilities at the minimum

Travelling with kids may occasionally seem like hard work. However, with Africa offering such wonderful opportunities for you and your children, any efforts you make are likely to be rewarded many times over.

Factors to consider if planning a family safari

What Age Should my Children be to Enjoy a Safari?
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Safari Activities
for Children
Keeping the Children Busy in Camp
Malaria Free &
Soft Adventure
Cultural Interaction
& Learning
Which Countries Are Best for Family Safaris?

suggested destinations for families