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Species Search & The Big Five

Many animal species are widespread and can be seen on almost any safari.

However, others are found in fewer areas and perhaps only in certain habitats, making them fundamentally more of a challenge to find. Some are natural secretive and/or nocturnal, in both cases making them harder to see.

If there is a particular animal (or bird) that you definitely wish to see on your safari, then it is important to know where the best places to see them are.

If you would like advice on where to see any specific species please call us on +44 (0) 1787 888590 to speak to one of our specialists or email us via our Contact Us page. However the following information will give you a good idea of where to see the most iconic African animals.

The Big Five
The Wildebeest Migration
Mountain Gorilla
Wild dog
Specialist birding
Lesser primates
Rare / nocturnal species
Marine wildlife