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Kenya Seasons & When to Travel

The dry seasons in Kenya are generally from June to October, and from December to March.

Game viewing is usually best during these dry season periods, and only a limited number of camps and lodges are open in the wettest months of November, April and May. However, weather patterns are unpredictable, especially in Kenya, and so it is very possible to experience rain at pretty much any time of year. December to March in particular is sometimes viewed as the season of ‘intermittent rains’. The coast also has its own micro-climate, generally being best from October to March.

Day time temperatures and humidity are affected by altitude but it is generally warm to hot throughout the year (averaging around 28C but slightly higher from October to March). Night time temperatures also vary considerably according to altitude, but aside from the Mount Kenya and Aberdare highlands, rarely fall to low single figures.

On the coast, temperatures are high year round (averaging around 30C). The best conditions are found from October to April when the Kaskazi wind blows gently from the north-east. This is also the most humid time. From May to September, when the Kuzi ‘monsoon’ wind blows more strongly from the south-east, sea conditions can be choppy and certain beaches affected by seaweed. During this time, snorkelling and diving options could be restricted.

The wildebeest and zebra migration season in the Masai Mara is from mid-July to late October. Please see our dedicated Great Migration page for more information.