Kenya Private & Specialist Guiding

Most safari camps we recommend in Kenya will offer shared game drives with between 4 and 6 guests on a vehicle.

Whilst sharing your experiences with a few other guests is normal and often great fun, it is usually possible to pay extra for ‘exclusive-use’ of a vehicle for all or part of your safari. A private vehicle naturally comes with a private guide and tends to be very appealing to more experienced travellers who have very specific interests such as birding or photography.

Not all camps offer this option, whilst some camps will actually give each set of guests their own private guide and vehicle at no extra cost, such as Serian The Original and its sister camps (Ngare Serian and Serian Nkoromobo). Taking a private vehicle is not necessary for most people, but it is an option to consider if you have specialist interests or simply would like to prioritise the flexibility and exclusivity that a private vehicle and guide will offer.

Taking things one step further, it is possible to hire specialist ‘private guides’ in Kenya. Historically, the safari industry in East Africa developed from privately guided safaris, and it is still common today to find reputed specialist guides hosting families and groups on a private basis. This can be within the framework of permanent camps and lodges, or combined with a luxury mobile tented safari, where permanent lodges are visited for a few nights whilst your private camp is moved from one region to another.

With many years experience as a leading Africa specialist we know personally and have worked with a wide range of specialist and professional guides. Whilst we do not often promote ‘hand holding’ just for the sake of it, the benefits of travelling with a top quality private guide are not limited to just their guiding qualities, but extend to encompass your whole safari experience. Hosting at meal times, smoothing your way through transfer arrangements and telling entertaining stories of Africa around the camp fire all fall under the remit of a top private guide.

If you feel that you would appreciate a private vehicle and/or a specialist private guide for all or part of your safari, please advise us when you speak to us. We are very flexible and different regions present different opportunities, so we will simply work with you to include the level of exclusivity and guiding that you desire.