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Madagascar Wildlife Highlights

Over 100 species of lemurs are found in Madagascar, and these fun creatures are certainly the main wildlife attraction on the island.

Found nowhere else in the world, the more common lemur species to see include ring-tailed, brown, mouse (the smallest primate species in the world), black and white ruffed, Coqueril’s sifaka, Verreaux’s sifaka (the dancing lemur) and the largest of them all, the Indri.

Madagascar is also known as an excellent birding destination, with several endemic species and many rarities including sub-desert mesite, giant coua, Madagascan Ibis, helmet vanga, banded kestrel, Madagascan green pigeon, Torotoroka Scops owl, and Madagascan cuckoo-hawk.

Madagascar is also home to around half the world’s population of chameleons, from the tiny Brookesia micra to the impressive Panther chameleon. Chameleons are best sighted on night walks which are available throughout Madagascar.

The waters surrounding Madagascar are home to an abundance of wildlife including rays, turtles, dolphins, sharks and whales. From June to November humpback whales breed off the coast of Madagascar and sightings are possible in a number of different areas and whale sharks are seen in the north west from October to November.