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Matobo Hills National Park

The Matobo Hills National Park and offers something different from traditional big game areas.

Located just to the south of Bulawayo, in the heart of Matabeleland, the park has varied terrain, with rocky granite hills interspersed with deep valleys in which many San paintings and other rock art can be seen. The park has a rich and varied wildlife with over 80 species of animals and 300 species of birds.

In particular there are good populations of white and black rhino and a noted ornithologist’s delight are the breeding grounds of the black eagle, which are the largest in the world. The park is also home to the grave of Cecil John Rhodes, located atop one of the many granite hills.

Bulawayo is a colonial town that has probably seen its better days but is interesting to explore and outside town to the west the Khami Ruins can be visited. For anyone interesting in history and anthropology, guided tours with a specialist guide can be arranged.

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins are found about 3.5 hours’ drive east of Bulawayo near Masvingo. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site they represent Zimbabwe’s greatest anthropological site as the ruins are believed to have been the capital and Royal Palace of an ancient kingdom.