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Mozambique Wildlife Highlights

Gorongosa is a beautiful, but still recovering National Park that is home to a good range of wildlife.

Lion and elephant populations are healthy, and wild dogs have been re- introduced. Rarer species such as oribi, sable and nyala can be seen, and birding is also rewarding especially if a trip to Mount Gorongosa is included.

However it is Mozambique’s marine wildlife highlights that are most exciting. Although not common to see, it is possible to come across the endangered dugong, whilst whale sharks and manta rays are most likely to be seen from November to March. Humpback whales are found off the coast from August to November, whilst turtles (leatherback, loggerhead, green, hawksbill and olive-ridley) are present in the waters off Mozambique year round. The different turtle species nest in various favoured spots along the coast, mostly between October and March, with hatchings taking place in the latter half of this period.

Dolphins and various shark species are common in the waters off Mozambique, and can often be encountered whilst scuba diving or snorkelling (dolphins mainly).