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Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe National Park encompasses the largest tract of montane rain forest found anywhere in Africa.

Spanning an altitude of between 5200 and 9700 ft., it covers more than 1000 sq.kms and is home to 13 species of primate, including chimpanzee, the largest group of Rwenzori black and white colobus (some 400 individuals), golden monkey, L’Hoest’s monkey, red-tailed monkey, silver monkey and the Mona monkey. In the largely inaccessible southern sector of the forest, the Owl-faced monkey was only discovered in 1989!

There are over 240 tree species and 140 orchids (at the Uwinka reception area, there is an orchid garden). The bird life is impressive too with 275 species recorded, 24 of which are endemic to the central African highlands (Great Blue, Black-billed and Ruwenzori turaco, Black and White Casqued and Crowned hornbills, Blue-headed, Regal and the, stunning, Purple-breasted sunbirds to name a few, with special ticks including the Grauer’s rush warbler, Red-throated alethe, Grauer’s warbler, Red-collared mountain babbler, and Neumann’s warbler.

There are some 12 trails in all, and all are of varying difficulty and length. Most trails have well defined paths, but conditions can be slippery so you’ll still need to take care, especially when crossing the many rustic wooden bridges which span the streams and rivers. Two are two areas where chimpanzee groups have been habituated, and in the central section of the park there is large raised canopy walk which offers incredible views over the treetops.