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Lower Zambezi National Park

The Lower Zambezi National Park lies on the northern banks of the mighty Zambezi River.

The Zambezi flows lazily in an easterly direction and is the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe to the south. The park is extensive, running from the floodplains of the river through large areas of mixed woodland to encompass much of the impressive escarpment. This diversity provides the Lower Zambezi with a wider variety of habitat than the wildlife areas across the waters in Zimbabwe.

The floodplains are wooded with acacia, sausage and mahogany trees, interspersed with areas of thicker bush and beautiful witherthorn groves. During the dry season (May to October), the floodplains teem with a wide variety of wildlife and birdlife. Herds of elephant, buffalo, kudu, impala and waterbuck graze the sweet grasses or browse on the tasty albida pods.

Lion rest in the shade of the giant figs. Wild dog roam through the area though they usually den up in the escarpment hills, and crocodiles bask in the shallows and on the many islands in the river. Hippo pods are numerous in the river, whilst the woodland of the park is home to leopard, honey badger, civet and bushbuck. The woodland is interspersed with open vleis and smaller channels providing ideal walking country. Away from the river the hills are rugged and offer spectacular views over the valley looking east to the Mupata Gorge, and west back towards the Kafue River confluence with the Zambezi.

During the late dry season (late August onwards), both white fronted and carmine bee-eaters nest in the banks of the rivers providing a colourful spectacle to complete the impressive list of birds to be seen.

The key aspect of visiting the Lower Zambezi is to experience the river itself, and you’ll have the opportunity to canoe or boat through the channels, or try your hand at fishing. Walking is also available, and game drives conducted by day and at night. In recent years the park has started gaining a reputation for aardvark sightings!

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