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Itineraries & Pricing for Zambia

Like most of the good safari destinations, Zambia is a reasonably expensive destination to visit.

Due to the limited operating season, the safari industry is not especially commercial, and most camps are small and exclusive, but as a consequence there are a few ‘less expensive’ options. Fairly expensive internal travel (mostly done by air) does not help either (it is difficult to explore the country by self-drive and cheaper small group tours are few and far between).

Typically, a tailor-made 10 – 12 days safari in Zambia, without international flights, will start at around US$8000.00 / £6400.00 per person, but high season safaris including upmarket properties and private activities can cost as much US$20,000.00/ UK£16,000.00 per person or more. It is quite common for local companies to offer long stay discounts, and whilst we often take advantage of these deals when it is best for our clients, we would warn against including properties that you ideally should not visit just to benefit from long stay discounts.

We appreciate that going on safari in Africa is an expensive holiday, but we are always conscious of providing ‘value for money’. Our selection of safari properties for any itinerary is based entirely upon those which we feel will most closely match your requirements, whether that be budget driven or experience driven.

If you are planning your first safari, we suggest you look at our Planning a Safari section. For more information on our holidays to Zambia, please speak to one of our specialists on +44 (0) 1787 888590 or email us via our Contact Us page. Our itineraries are not quite ready, but we will feature some here on Zambia soon.