Sarara Treehouses

Sarara Treehouses is an exclusive lodge built into the forested foothills at the southern end of the Mathews Range in Northern Kenya.

Sarara Treehouses is one of those unique properties that is difficult to compare with others. Sister camp to the original Sarara Camp, Treehouses was built to offer an even more immersive Mathews Range forest experience. The tented accommodation is very comfortable, and the food and service as good as we have come to expect from Sarara, but it is setting of the camp that is really special. Built on high platforms and nestled into the lower forest slopes, the camp certainly provides a treehouse style experience, with birds flitting around at eye level and wildlife able to move freely below. Whilst it is possible to keep busy with game drives (by day and at night), guided walks and cultural excursions, this is also a camp where you can sit on your deck, read a book, bird watch and immerse yourself in the sounds of the forest.


The camp sits in the tree canopy with raised wooden walkways leading to the accommodation, which cater for up to 16 guests in eight canvas tents. Two of the tents are close together and while not…


Sarara is located within the Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust, an area of approximately 850,000 acres, which lies folded around the south-east corner of the fabled Matthews Mountain range. The conservancy is home to the proud Samburu…


Children are accepted from the age of 8 years, although the lodge and destination is more suited to families travelling with older children, that would enjoy engaging with the landscape and culture and soaking…

Conservation & community

The Mathews Range is home to the indigenous Samburu tribes people, a group of semi-nomadic pastoralists who have long shown tolerance for the wildlife that co-exists alongside their cattle. The Namunyak…

Location Namunyak Conservancy, Mathews Range
Access Charter flight to Namunyak (20 minute drive to camp) or road from Kalama airstrip (90 minute drive to camp)
Open Mid-December until mid-October
Pricing £££££
Camp Style Tented lodge
Focus Culture / Scenery / Wilderness / Walking / Birding / Elephants / Relaxation
Children 5 Years +
Activities Game drives (day and night) / Guided walks and treks / Birding / Singing wells / Reteti Elephant sanctuary / Fly camping /  Horse riding
Vehicles Open and closed
Maximum Guests on Vehicle 6
Private Vehicle Options Yes
Off-road Driving Yes
Number of Rooms 8 tents
Family Accommodation Two tents are close together, linked by a wooden walkway
Bathroom Flush toilet / Plumbed basin / Plumbed outdoor shower
Power for charging In room
Lighting Solar
Hairdryer Not possible
Heating/Cooling No
Room Safe Yes
Laundry Service Complimentary
Communication in room No
Wi-Fi Communal area
Mobile Reception No
Swimming Communal
Wellness Massages / Yoga mats
Dining Style Communal
Drinks Included House drinks
Credit Cards Visa and Mastercard