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Offbeat Ndoto

Offbeat Ndoto is a small tented camp located on a low ridge next to the Olare Orok River in the southern section of the Mara North Conservancy

Offbeat Ndoto is the stylish little sister of Offbeat Mara Camp and offers an intimate safari experience with access to excellent game viewing along the Olare Orok River and across the nearby plains. The camp is ideal for those looking for a small, very comfortable camp, and with flexible accommodation options it is ideal for small groups and families. The Offbeat Safaris operation is well established and so in addition to a great location, privacy and well-appointed accommodation, you’ll find the same superb hospitality and fantastic guiding that Offbeat is renowned for.


Accommodation comprises four double/twin tents and a two bedroom Luxury Suite. All the tents are spacious and stylish, each set on a solid stone base with views out across the bush. Each tent has a large central sleeping area with a lounge area to the front and an en suite bathroom to the rear. The bathroom includes a double vanity, flush toilet and plumbed shower. The Luxury Suite has two en suite bedrooms sharing a central living and dining area and wide deck. Private dining is offered in the Luxury Suite, if preferred, and a private guide and vehicle is included, and being situated furthest from the main areas, this unit can offer a private safari experience, as well as being ideal for families and friends travelling together. There are electrical outlets in all guest tents for charging equipment.

Central Areas

The central mess tent overlooks the river and includes a large open plan bar, lounge and dining area, all under canvas, leading out to a camp fire area. Meals can be taken outside too, including on a nearby small island in the Olare Orok river.


Wi-Fi – Yes
Power for Charging – Yes
Swimming Pool – No

Habitat & Wildlife

The Masai Mara ecosystem is one of the best game viewing areas in Africa and is especially good for viewing the big cats. Elephants, buffalo, hippo, crocodiles, giraffe, zebra, lion, leopard, cheetah, spotted hyaena, impala, gazelles, eland, waterbuck, topi, jackal and serval are all common and seen regularly. Rhino are found in certain areas, and wild dogs are more transient visitors. The famous wildebeest and zebra migration is usually in residence from mid-July through to mid-October, though the movement of the animals is always somewhat unpredictable. The scenery of the Masai Mara is stunning with open grassland plains intersected by rivers, rocky ridges and pockets of riverine forest. Birdlife is varied and especially good around the riverine woodland areas.

Whilst the official Masai Mara Game Reserve can be busy with tourist vehicles in places, especially at river crossings in migration season, the Mara North Conservancy offers relative exclusivity away from the crowds. You do still see other vehicles, especially at predator sightings, but much of the time you will be able to explore away from other vehicles. The Conservancy is vast, stretching from the Aitong Hills all the way down to the north-western boundary of the Mara Reserve, and offers a good mix of wide open plains, rocky valleys and riverine thickets. The game viewing is superb.

The conservancy is funded by a limited number of ‘tourism partners’ in cooperation with local Maasai land-owners, and this model has been shown to benefit not only the local land-owners who receive greater income and better pasture for their livestock, and the tourism partners, but also the wildlife and in particular, the predators.


Offbeat Ndoto is located outside the official Masai Mara Game Reserve within the Mara North Conservancy. Most game-viewing will take place on the plains of conservancy (with the Offbeat Lion pride being a large attraction!), but it is worth visiting the official Mara Reserve to witness a river crossings during the migration period. Game viewing around the camp is superb and animals often wander through at night.

In addition to daytime game drives, it is also possible to enjoy night drives, guided walks, line fishing for catfish and village visits. Hot air ballooning can be arranged via a third party organisation.


Offbeat Ndoto is open year round.

There is no age restriction at Offbeat Ndoto, and guest tents can take an extra bed for children sharing, or the Luxury Suite is ideal for families that need a bit more space. The management and staff are great at catering for families.

Offbeat Safaris are one of the founding members of the Mara North Conservancy and as such, are committed to partnering with the local Maasai community and other stakeholders to ensure economic prosperity, community upliftment and innovative strategies for conserving this area of the greater Mara ecosystem.

Support is also given to the local school, supplying stationary and offering donations through their guests. They also support a community outreach centre in Aitong that supplies the area with a library. Offbeat Safaris help the ladies from the local community by selling their bead work and also bringing them in to camp to teach beading classes.

They are also supporters of the Tristan Voorspuy Conservation Trust which encourages conservation, education and sustainability efforts in East Africa. The Trust assists charities in their work to create a compatible human wildlife existence.

Offbeat Safaris have started a tree nursery and support the Seed Balls Kenya initiative. A seedball is seed inside a small ball of charcoal waste which uses salvaged urban biochar to protect the seed from predators and high temperatures as well as nourishing it. When soaked in water the seedball will help the seed to germinate. The idea is you simply throw the seed onto the land and when the rains come the seed will grow. In addition to reforestation efforts, the project is helping to clean up the environment by using the charcoal waste from vendors to produce the seedballs.