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Mauritius Family Holidays

Mauritius is perfect for families looking for beach relaxation.

If you are looking to mainly flop on the beach, read, swim, snorkel, enjoy good food and have access to a wide range of water sports and sports facilities, then Mauritius is an ideal family destination.

Families with very young children will like the fact that Mauritius is a very safe destination, which is also malaria-free and accessible with direct flights from Europe or Africa. All hotels on the island are located within roughly an hour of the airport, and the roads are in good condition. Families with older kids will love the variety of sporting facilities (golf, tennis, volleyball etc) as well as water sports options (water-skiing, kite-surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, speed boats, inflatables, wind-surfing etc).

Mauritius is malaria free and makes the perfect beach add on to a safari in malaria-free South Africa. In fact, this combination is one of the most rewarding family holidays, especially if your children are in the 6 to 16 years range.

Many hotels will have family suites or inter-leading rooms, and some have dedicated family villas.