Rwanda Post-Safari Relaxation

Rwanda is about as land-locked as you can get, but that doesn’t mean reeaching a beach is impossible.

Within Rwanda, Lake Kivu in the west of the country does offer a gentle ‘lake experience’ which can be included for a little relaxation, birding and exploring. However if you want some traditional beach relaxation after your Rwanda safari, you will need to head east to the Indian Ocean, where the options include the Kenya coast, Tanzania islands including Zanzibar, Mozambique, Seychelles or Mauritius.

Nairobi (Kenya) is easy to reach from Kigali, and offers access to all the above beach destinations, whilst there are daily flights from Kigali to northern Tanzania, from where you can easily reach Zanzibar (perhaps after a few days on safari in northern Tanzania). An alternative beach option in northern Tanzania, where you can also trek to see chimps, is Rubondo Island on Lake Victoria.

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