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  • Clive and Anne from Suffolk travelled to Kenya and SeychellesOur very first trip to Africa and we’re certain it will not be our last! Novice to safari experiences – we were pleased to find it ‘ticked every box’ surpassing all our expectations. The huge skyline, the quietness, being so close to wildlife – what a huge privilege it all was. The whole holiday moved smoothly and efficiently from camp to camp. Each camp had something different to offer with the varied landscapes and a superb variety of game. The rhino rich undulating plains of Ol Pejeta to the woodland, ravines and swamps of Lewa – where we saw our first Grevy’s zebra; to the huge open plains of the Masai Mara with oceans of waving savannah grass and enormous sky levels, so rich with game – it gave us our first sighting of leopard. Clive and I would like to thank you all at Safari Consultants for organising this amazing trip of a lifetime for us and ensuring that our experiences were diverse, rich and most wonderful in every aspect.Clive and Anne from Suffolk travelled to Kenya and Seychelles

    Clive and Anne from Suffolk travelled to Kenya and Seychelles
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Introduction to the beautiful islands of The Seychelles

The Seychelles are made up of 115 islands in the heart of the Indian Ocean, north-east of Madagascar and due east from mainland East Africa. The main ‘inner’ islands are largest and are ‘granitic’ in origin, with high boulder-strewn mountains and dense tumbling forest creating a wild and beautiful scene. The ‘outer’ islands are mostly flat ‘coral’ islands, often small enough to walk around in an hour or two, and offer a more exclusive desert island experience.

Mahé, Praslin and La Digue islands are the three largest in the Seychelles, and the only ones that offer multiple accommodation options and ‘sight-seeing’ excursions. Golf is available on Praslin, and general touring by self-drive is possible on Mahé and Praslin only. Birding and scuba diving are available throughout. Smaller ‘granitic’ islands include Silhouette, Round, Cousin, Cousine, Fregate and the reputed North Island. Although the Seychelles is not universally known for ‘superb service’, there are a number of top quality five star hotels located on these ‘inner islands’.

The best known outer islands include Bird, Denis, Desroches and Alphonse, all of which are large enough to support an airstrip and offer reasonably good accommodation. As well as being very exclusive and escapist with empty beaches, most of these islands offer superb scuba-diving and fishing. Alphonse, in particular, is said to offering some of the best salt water fly-fishing in the world.

Island hopping is certainly possible in the Seychelles, with travel between most islands by scheduled flight or private helicopter charter. Moving between some of the main inner islands can also be undertaken by boat/ferry.

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Seychelles Introduction