Seychelles Family Holidays

The Seychelles are a wonderful destination for families seeking a genuine tropical adventure.

They also make a wonderful beach add on for families who have been on safari in South Africa or Kenya, which are also arguably two of the best family safari destinations, though with a little extra travelling other safari countries such as Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe can also be combined with Seychelles.

The exotic nature of the Seychelles is perfect for families seeking a more pristine beach adventure, with beautiful scenery and excellent swimming, fishing, snorkeling and diving. Compared to Mauritius the Seychelles offer a more natural and adventurous beach stay. Different islands offer different experiences, from the large granitic islands where there are many beaches to visit, and small towns and villages to explore, to the remote coral islands which offer a true Robinson Crusoe style escape.

Praslin Island is a good base if you wish to explore other islands locally, such as La Digue, and generally be fairly active. More remote islands such as Denis are perfect if you want to a total escape. If you have the time, it is easily possible to combine two or three different islands, which is a wonderful way to really explore the Seychelles.