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Caprivi Strip including Babatwa National Park

The Caprivi Strip is that finger of north-east Namibia which stretches eastwards sandwiched between Angola/Zambia in the north, and Botswana to the south.

The habitat is completely different to the rest of Namibia and is largely influenced by the four major rivers which form the boundaries or bisect it – the Zambezi, Chobe, Kwando and Okavango. Mahango, Babatwa, Mudumu and Mamili national parks are far more like the wildlife areas of Botswana, though in terms of wildlife, they are generally the ‘poorer relations’.

Several lodges through the region, all located on the major river courses, offer superb birding. Some of them offer game drives too with good general game, whilst others offer some good fishing opportunities.

Excellent birding and fishing can be found throughout the Caprivi, especially in the far east where Katima Mulilo offers access to the Zambezi River and Impalila Island to the Chobe River. There are a couple of lodges on Impalila Island which are most easily accessed from Kasane (Botswana) and are sometimes used as an alternative to the busy mainstream safari lodges found in Botswana’s Chobe National Park.