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Adventure Camping & Luxury Mobile Safaris

If you wish to immerse yourself in wild Africa, then a mobile safari is the way forward.

We do not offer ‘cheap’ safaris which compromise on your overall safari experience, so even when we recommend very basic and wild accommodation options, it is always on the basis that you are located in prime areas and being properly looked after. This form of safari should however not be chosen purely to try and cut costs. It will always cost more to undertake exclusive fly-camping with a top quality guide than it will to stay in a mainstream 3 star safari lodge.

Adventure Camping

This is the most adventurous form of accommodation in Africa, using small tents on the ground or mosquito gauze ‘tents’, which are very lightweight and can be moved daily. Beds will generally be mattresses on the floor, or rudimentary camp beds, and ablution facilities may be shared (long drop or chemical toilets and bucket showers). It will feel like ‘camping’ and animals can wander through camp at night. There will be limited facilities and limited places to relax during the heat of the day (a small mess tent or awning) and in some cases meals may be taken around the camp fire rather than at a laid table. But the benefit is the close to nature experience and exclusivity, whilst at night it is magical sitting out around the camp fire, looking up at the night sky and listening to the sounds of the bush.

Some very light-weight camps are referred to as ‘fly-camping’ and occasionally just mosquito nets are used as tents. Sleep-out platforms or tree houses can also offer a similar ‘close to nature’ experience where they exist, usually offered as a one-off sleep out.

Luxury Mobile Safaris

Luxury mobile camps are still ‘mobile’ but they provide a higher level of comfort and larger tents than adventure camping. It would be usual to have quite spacious walk-in tents (plenty of head room) on the ground with proper beds, basic furniture and en-suite ablution facilities (chemical or long drop toilets are usual, with bucket showers, though luxury versions can include flush toilets). A central mess tent will usually include table and chairs for meals, a small fridge/bar area and possibly a couple of relaxing chairs for use in between activities. Such camps are more likely to be located in one spot for several days at a time before moving on to a new area.