Partner Testimonials

“I have known Safari Consultants for more than a decade and I’m convinced not only that Rob, Michele and their colleagues are the best in the business, but also that they are more intimate with the continent than the Africa Desk at the FCO. The depth of their knowledge is extraordinary, ranging from the best-value times to visit the most remote camps to exactly where to encounter wild dogs, desert-adapted lions or the elusive shoebill – and they always know the name of the exact guide for the job!”

Chris Haslam, Sunday Times


“Over the decades Letaka Safaris has worked with many travel companies that label themselves “Africa Specialists” but in fact very few of these are knowledgeable enough to deserve such a title. The knowledge and passion of the Safari Consultants team makes them one of the elite in the small band of true Africa Specialists.”

Grant Reed, Letaka Safaris and Okavango Guiding School


“Safari Consultants took a plunge and supported Offbeat Mara camp right from our beginnings in 2005. Their skill in fitting the right client to the right property is unsurpassed. If I were to book a safari for myself I would certainly head to Safari Consultants for advice as they really understand Africa, the nuances of unique safari properties and are a great team to work with.”

Piers Winkworth, Offbeat Mara Camp


“Safari Consultants do a superb job of matching the right guests with the right camps, crucial to a successful safari. They are always professional and always a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.”

Grant Cummings, Chiawa Safaris


“Safari Consultants are deservedly well-respected by safari operators as being responsible, responsive, thorough, attentive to detail, and overall a great company to work with. We value our relationship with the Safari Consultants team and are happy to recommend them!”

Andy Hogg, Bushcamp Company


“We love working with Safari Consultants! Over the last 30 years their business has grown in parallel with the safari industry but because they have been around from the beginning they understand the safari world as well as anyone. All safaris were very personalised back then and they have maintained that philosophy. They know all the specialised, niche operators like ourselves. With this knowledge they put together unique safari itineraries tailored to their guests’ detailed wishes.”

David Foot, David Foot Walking Safaris & Ride Botswana


“Safari Consultants have been wonderful supporters of Nomad from our very earliest days. The in depth personal experience of the whole SC team ensures clients are supremely well prepared as to what to expect from our camps and the safari experience in general. It’s a formula that certainly keeps us on our toes, but also guarantees happy clients & fun times all round.”

Mark Houldsworth, Co founder Nomad Tanzania


“Safari Consultants clearly have a passion for wild Africa – this is very obvious in the clients they send us and the manner in which the trips are planned. In our near 20 years of working with SafCon as they are affectionately called, we have found them to offer a highly personal service always maintaining the highest levels of professionalism in dealing with both their clients, and us as a supplier. SafCon have an intimate knowledge of our offering in all the African countries we operate in, and this is translated into the trips prepared for their clients. We know what to expect when dealing with SafCon guests – well versed, well looked after people ready for life changing journeys.”

Roberto Viviani, Wilderness Safaris


“Safari Consultants have an incredibly knowledgeable team, who really know our camps in Zimbabwe and mobiles in Botswana inside out. They really listen to their guests on where they would like to go and what experiences they would like whilst on safari. In so doing, we have visitors who really fit in well with our camps, so have their dream safari. This is all made possible by the Safari Consultants team, thank you all.”

David Carson, Camp Hwange & Kazuma Trails


“Safari Consultants have always been iconic in the safari tourism industry; indeed they were my very first agent, and Bill Adams (founding MD) and later Rob Slater my mentors. They have served their discerning clients tirelessly through the decades since my first walking safari and always personally visit the properties they market. They are always up to date with changing situations and always ensure their clients experience the real Africa in its many dimensions. Experience counts for everything on safari, as their client you are in very safe hands.”

Chris Fox, Mwagusi Safari Camp


“We have enjoyed a long relationship with Safari Consultants and find their integrity, product knowledge and reliability first class.”

Greg Monson, Kicheche Camps


“I love the open platform philosophy of review that Safari Consultants has in place, one where real time and authentic review and feedback can flow from experts to us and back. In this complicated world of misinformation getting reliable advice will come from friends and family and those who know more than a brochure will tell you.”

Dereck Joubert, CEO Great Plains


“We really enjoy working with Rob, Michele and the team because they are highly experienced and have detailed, first-hand knowledge of our portfolio of camps and services. This level of experience ensures each and every safari booked by them is personal, and perfectly suited to that particular guest. We definitely regard them as one of the true Africa specialists.”

Gordie Owles, Asilia Africa


“Tanda Tula really appreciates working with Safari Consultants UK, this is a company that truly understands partnership and collaboration. The Safari Consultants team really know and understand our products and destinations and are therefore able to match the perfect client with with each of our camps.”

Nina Scott, Tanda Tula Safari Camp


“Over the last 20 years I have personally guided numerous guests sent from S.C. and can honestly say that Rob and his team are exceptionally good at matching the desires and expectations of safari-goers with the African operator and experience that will wow them.”

Deb Tittle, Surefoot Safaris


“We have had a long and enjoyable relationship with the good folk at Safari Consultants – Rob, Michele and Mary have all come out to see us here in the Kafue, and this makes all the difference, really getting to know what they are selling is imperative. Guests that we have welcomed here from Safari Consultants have been fantastic and a great suit to what we have on offer.”

Tyrone McKeith, Jeffery & McKeith Safaris


“We have known and worked with Safari Consultants for 24 years now and have throughout remained impressed with their core principal of planning each safari to match the individual client’s particular expectations.”

Chris Flatt, Bush and Beyond


“We love working with Safari Consultants as they take great care to match the right guests with our walking safaris. Because their consultants have actually been on our safaris they understand very well what we have to offer.”

Kerry Glen, Karisia Safaris


“We’ve had a long and fruitful relationship with Safari Consultants and we enjoy working with them. We can trust that their guests are well-briefed which makes their safaris seamless. Safari Consultants are very professional and know their products.”

Peter Lindstrom, Hoopoe Safaris


“Safari Consultants was one of the first UK companies to realise the potential of the Letaka Safaris brand and ethos when our company was still in its infancy. We know that this was due, in no small part, to their expertise and personal experience in the African market. We cannot thank Safari Consultants enough for taking that early leap and believing in our dream.”

Brent Reed, Letaka Safaris and Okavango Guiding School


“Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana has hosted clients of Safari Consultants for over 20 years during which time the management team of Mashatu have always enjoyed an excellent relationship with the Safari Consultant’s team. This relationship has involved a reciprocal commitment to clients of Safari Consultants based on respect, trust and the unequivocal understanding that clients come first…second and third. Safari Consultants is renowned for thinking out of the box for their clients and the company’s growth is testimony to this philosophy against which Mashatu strives to emulate at all times.”

David Evans, Mashatu Game Reserve


“We enjoy working with Safari Consultants and being part of their imaginative itineraries. We particularly love their support for our beautiful Zambia. They have first-hand experience of our lodge, so they know exactly what we have on offer, and their attention to detail shows in all the communications we have with them – making our lives easier as well!”

Tessa Prior, Waterberry Lodge


“Safari Consultants offer an incredible tailored African travel experience – befitting Tswalu’s ambitions of a safari designed around guest’s specific interests…. at their own pace. They are about relationships, and their knowledge and support provides for complete peace of mind.”

Russel Binks, Tswalu Kalahari Private Game Reserve


“We’ve had the pleasure of receiving Safari Consultants’ guests for nearly 30 years. Safari Consultants are driven by a passion to create the perfectly unique experience for each of their unique guests. As a result our experience is guests perfectly matched to our product; who share our passion for an authentic wildlife experience.”

Jules and Derek Shenton, Shenton Safaris