Having specialised in travel to Africa since 1983, we are extremely proud and fortunate to have built up a wonderful customer base of repeat travellers, who also recommend our services to their friends, family and colleagues, or even fellow travellers they meet on safari. Our aim is for every holiday we arrange to be perfect for the people who undertake them. Listed below are some of the comments we have received from our customers. Please also visit the AITO (Association of Independent Tour Operators) feedback site to see reviews on our services and our clients’ experiences.

Hi Julia, thank you so much for your wonderful work planning my holiday, I had a fantastic time, so many really special experiences, and have definitely got the “bug”! The staff at all the camps were so attentive and the locations were perfect, and I really appreciated your, and your team’s help and responsiveness throughout. Many thanks

Simone from Surrey travelled to Botswana

April/May 2018

Dear Michele, just to let you know that “you’ve done it again” and raised the bar; making it even more difficult to find somewhere next time that will come near to providing the same excellent standards and overall enjoyment. The VIP annex at the Victoria Falls was an unquestionable success. The Tongabezi Lodge was an absolute winner on all accounts: service, accommodation, location, food facilities etc. with the Dog House being a perfect choice of rooms. Their attention to detail in respect of every aspect was excellent. Many thanks

Roger, Charlotte and Alexander from Cape Town, travelled to Zimbabwe and Zambia

April 2018

Hi Julia, we had a great time and all of your recommendations were perfect. I plan to contact you again in the future when we are ready for our next Africa vacation. The Kicheche camps were all great and unique in their own ways. It’s nice that they allow their managers to really run them with a great deal of autonomy. The food at Laikipia was AMAZING and on the level with many fine dining restaurants and the game viewing at Bush camp was exceptional. Thank you for all the recommendations and planning.

Pablo and Shantel from Baltimore, USA travelled to Kenya

March/April 2018

We are still basking in the glow of an extraordinary trip. We loved every minute of our trip to Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya that you organized for all of us. It was frankly better than I could ever have expected. Exclusive, intimate, personal, exciting- really quite exceptional. It was a trip of a lifetime.

I really appreciate the work you did in helping me to plan the trip for our group of eight. You did an exceptional job of offering alternatives and then explaining the benefits and differences of each. You listened carefully and patiently to our interests and helped me sort through our priorities, so we could maximize the use of our time and money. All transfers as we moved through our itinerary were efficient, and you created an experience that grew more interesting and exciting by the day and by the camp.

What did we love? Everything but let’s start with the gorillas. What amazing animals. And I loved that we had a warm up day with the golden monkeys, and then two days with the gorillas. Right order. Right amount of time. The Serian camps (Kusini and Serengeti South) were the right blend of comfort and African authenticity. Food was delicious, our game drives were interesting from the moment we started, and our guides Masha and Baraka were the best! They were knowledgeable, flexible, and fun. We absolutely loved the accommodations you secured for us at the Entamanu Ngorongoro Lodge. It was just right from a timing perspective to have some running water and a chance to check in with the outside world. The food and service were both outstanding. Really excellent. And we found the crater to be both interesting and beautiful from a geologic perspective. However, it was the most touristy place we were in. Our day in the crater (just one scheduled) was more like visiting a large open-air zoo. We spotted a rhino in the distance but were not able to get close enough to even get a clear picture.

Our final camp in Kenya was extraordinary and perfectly placed in the itinerary. Our hosts, Rosheen, Adrian and Charlotte, were great fun, and we felt like we had the camp to ourselves. Our Masai guides, Steve (Liaram), James, George and Peter, were knowledgeable, flexible and again, great fun. Our meals were delicious, our wine glasses were always full. Welcoming, friendly people always providing excellent service.

It’s just hard to describe how fabulous the game viewing was wherever we were in Tanzania and Kenya. Massive amounts of wildebeest on the move. Early on we saw two cheetah kills in a morning, a leopard lounging in a tree, and a sight of a rather large dead zebra dragged up into another tree (probably by same leopard). We saw little lion cubs staying close to their lioness mother and listened to the cubs practice their little roars. We saw a new born wildebeest take his stumbling first steps following birth. And we saw a remarkable sight of a hyena chasing a group of wildebeests and zebra. Quite unexpectedly, we observed the zebra raise his hind legs mid sprint, kick the trailing young wildebeest high in the air which then landed virtually at the nose of the chasing hyena. Survival of the fittest. Amazing.

We loved every minute of our time in Africa and have you to thank.

Reuben and Mary from Florida travelled to Kenya, Rwanda & Tanzania

February 2018

Rob, as I suspected, the “game” portion of the trip was anti-climatic after seeing the great migration, but we still saw lots of game. Makanyi was great, the staff couldn’t have been nicer, the amenities and service, great. Great choice for the area. Cape Grace was, likewise, a great choice. Certainly one of the nicer hotels we have stayed in. Again, the staff were gracious and helpful. Leeu House was also a good choice though I am not sold on spending two nights in the wine country. Great food but I’m getting to the point, I guess, that we have seen so many “vineyards”, that the novelty has worn off. River Club was just okay–great location, lovely views, a bit tired. Overall, it really was a great trip, Africa really is a special place. Thanks for your help.

Mark and Marjorie from Massachusetts travelled to South Africa & Zambia

March 2018

Hi Frances, we are back! And I wanted to say a massive thank you. The trip you have organised for us was perfection and I could not be more grateful. The two places perfectly complemented each other, the transfers were perfectly timed and set up, the activities diverse and overall the attention to details was impeccable. We really enjoyed also the camps management team as well as the guests staying with us there. We were incredibly spoilt during that trip and it was a privilege to do a safari in such conditions. We were pretty much the only car in the conservancy most of the time. As a personal taste, I even prefer Laikipia for its scenery, landscape, activities and overall adventurous feel. I will call you today to thank you.

Gaetan and his son Isaac from London travelled to Kenya

March/April 2018

Dear Rob and Bill, we had the most amazing time in SA. You made the whole thing simplicity itself from the early telephone conversations and advice to the “Vamoos app” and wallet you supply containing all relevant information. Your choices of hotels and lodges were spot on as were the transfers you arranged; the road transfer from Kwandwe to PE was faultless but I must admit that the air transfer on that private jet from Plettenberg fulfilled a childhood dream! Kwandwe was amazing and exactly what we were looking for, we have some amazing photographs and memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you so much for making the whole experience so amazing and the booking process so easy when it could have easily been rather daunting trying to decide where to go.

Mark, Vera, Eva and Michael from London travelled to South Africa

March/April 2018

Hi Joe, the connections and transfers went without a hitch and we were really looked after. Both the camps were superb but we had a preference for Kicheche Bush Camp where the hosts were very helpful and the food and animal sightings were excellent. Throughout we met interesting fellow travellers and the camp sites provided us with the opportunity to see all the animals on our wish list, particularly Leopards and Elephants. Our guides were outstanding. Their ability to spot game and give full colourful explanations increased our knowledge and enhanced our enjoyment of the trip. The quality of many of my photographs can be attributed to the guides putting us in the right position to get the best shot when the action kicked off. A baby elephant lost its footing and tumbled into a gully and a Leopard jumping a stream with its kill before climbing the tree. Finally, I would like to thank you and Safari Consultants for your help and support in organising a very memorable trip.

Richard and Jackie from Northamptonshire travelled to Kenya

February 2018

Rob Slater was fabulous. Great listener, professional, highly responsible. Our trip was just spectacular – could Not have been better. Well planned and Very well executed. Even the animals got on board! We loved every minute of our time in Africa, we thank Rob for his excellent work, and we will highly recommend Safari Consultants to our friends looking for a great African Safari adventure.

Mary and Reuben from Florida travelled to Kenya, Rwanda & Tanzania

February 2018

Our trip was fantastic. We will return to Africa and when we do we will call Rob. Rob saved us from what could have been a very disappointing vacation. What most impressed me about Rob was his willingness to challenge me. Doing so could have easily cost him a client but he stuck to his guns and basically told me that I was wrong. He did so after interrogating me at length about what my daughter and I were hoping for out of our trip. He clearly knew what he was talking about. Even though I hardly knew him, he was so knowledgeable and experienced that I found it difficult to argue with him. Within a few days I surrendered to his itinerary suggestions. I am so thankful that I did. Everything that Rob said turned out to be dead right. Staying in hotels would have been a huge mistake for us. The tent camp lodging was excellent and the camps were exactly what we were looking for. The tents represented a new travel experience for us and we did not want for anything. The meals were wonderful and the wildlife (and proximity to the wildlife) vastly exceeded our expectations. The travelling was never stressful. Our itinerary provided plenty of habitat and scenic variability. We moved between properties at just the right pace. David, Michael and Steve could not have done a better job of guiding us. Their knowledge was very impressive and their passion for the wildlife was infectious. They all had a great sense of humour. All three were informative and interesting while never talking too much. I think the quality of the guides was what impressed us most. We know how difficult it is to find one person with these qualities much less three. We honestly felt sad each time that we left one of our guides behind. Clearly our guides were not picked at random, people like this are not mass produced. Finally, my initial reaction to many of the Safari Consultants reviews was that they were too good to be true. Having just returned from our SC trip, I can report that they are all accurate.

Michael and Molly from Minnesota, USA travelled to Tanzania & Kenya

February 2018