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Honeymoons & Weddings

There are many reasons why Africa is so popular with honeymooners or couples looking for an exclusive wedding away from home. The memorable nature of a wildlife safari makes the adventure together so special, whilst there is still the opportunity to relax on idyllic beaches afterwards (or before) and indulge in a little luxury and pampering throughout. The ‘safari and beach’ formula does offer many couples the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation.

However, in order to make sure your trip is perfect in every way, you need 100% accurate and impartial advice on all aspects of your holiday, and you need your tour operator to not only appreciate your preferences but genuinely care about your trip. Good advice and attention to detail are crucial factors to the success of your special holiday. As a small, specialist company, we understand these requirements and our consultants will strive to ensure your whole research, booking and travelling experience is a close to ‘perfect’ as possible.

There are a few more subtle reasons why Africa is so popular for honeymoons and weddings.

  • Firstly, the level of personal service provided in many safari camps is second-to-none. Provided you choose your safari correctly, you can expect wonderful service, with camp managers and local staff genuinely caring about you and your stay. For a honeymoon safari this is important (private dinners etc) but for a ‘bush wedding’ it is absolutely crucial. If you wish to enjoy good, friendly service and be made to feel ‘special’, there is nowhere better to go than a well-run, intimate safari camp.
  • Secondly, you do not need to sacrifice too much comfort in order to experience ‘the real thing’. For couples looking for an authentic bush experience, without being too adventurous, there are many suitable options to consider. Great food and service, hot showers, cold drinks, flush toilets and comfortable beds are all available without sacrificing on the wildlife viewing or overall ‘bush experience’. If you are seeking genuine luxury on safari, suitable options do exist, however we would encourage you not to limit yourself to purely those options, as a great safari is determined by much more than just luxury.
  • Thirdly, whilst Africa is adventurous and you may need to take malaria tablets and have inoculations, much of safari Africa is very comfortable to visit. It is only occasionally ‘unbearably hot’, and insects and bugs are not nearly as significant as they can be elsewhere in the world. Internal travel is reliable and travel distances are rarely too great. It is entirely possible for couples with no previous ‘adventure travel experience’ to venture on safari and thoroughly enjoy the whole experience.
  • Lastly, the people you meet will add to your whole experience. You may feel that a honeymoon or wedding ‘abroad’ is all about privacy and exclusivity, which of course it can be. However, whilst you will have all the personal space and privacy you require, you will also be hosted by exceptional people. In particular, your guides play a very important role in the success of your adventure, and really can add to your experience. Even if you do not plan to be especially social, the personal and intimate atmosphere of safari camps can really add ‘warmth’ to your trip.

For couples planning a wedding in Africa, these factors are even more important. Not only can Africa offer memorable and stunning locations for intimate weddings, but we can also guarantee management and staff who will really care about your individual wedding experience. If you choose to be married on safari, you may well be the only wedding they organise that year, and your hosts will be nearly as excited about it as you are!

For information on luxury honeymoon safaris or bush weddings please contact us or call us on 01787 888590 for friendly service and good advice on the many options available to you.

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