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The Sudd, South Sudan’s own Okavango?

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Congratulations to South Sudan, Africa’s youngest nation. After years of civil war, South Sudan finally got independence last Saturday and with it, the chance to open up for tourism.

The Sudd, a huge wetland covering some 15000 sq.kms., in the eastern part of the country is one of those iconic African wildlife destinations I’ve always dreamed of visiting. I’d heard stories of vast herds of white-eared kob and tiang migrating across vast floodplains and read with great interest in the latest edition of Africa Geographic, Mike Kock’s account of his time covering the area with the Wildlife Conservation Society since 2007. His reports of elephant, lion and a host of other species are certainly encouraging, although it may take a year or two before sightings are common place. What is certain is that this fledgling country has the unique opportunity to get the balance of sustainable tourism absolutely correct. I can’t wait to go and have a look!

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