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  • Paul and Jennifer travelled to the South Luangwa Valley in ZambiaDear Rob, back again from one of your incredibly well planned and executed safaris! Another wonderful experience – thank you. If I’ve marked Mwamba down slightly, it certainly isn’t because we didn’t enjoy it! We just felt that it wasn’t run quite as well as Kaingo. The guides were excellent. Tena Tena was a lovely camp in a wonderful area and a good way to finish – as you said, perhaps a bit more luxurious/customer care than Kaingo. Also we felt the food at Tena Tena was better suited to us – less carbs/cakes and better meal times/arrangements than Kaingo. However, we felt the hides and extra activities at Kaingo/Mwamba certainly made up for any slight detriment on that score. Thank you very much yet again for all your help and work to produce another excellent holiday. We still have dreams of visiting Botswana again but may have to wait a few years!Paul and Jennifer travelled to the South Luangwa Valley in Zambia

    Paul and Jennifer travelled to the South Luangwa Valley in Zambia
Tafika Camp, South Luangwa, Zambia



Accommodation options in Zambia

Zambia is without doubt the one safari destination where you can really experience the traditional bush values of yesteryear. It is still quite a ‘purist’ safari destination, offering relatively little in the way of genuine ‘five star luxury’, and most visitors prioritise the overall safari experience ahead of luxury and sophistication. Accordingly, a wide range of accommodation options in Zambia are perfectly comfortable, without being overly ‘fussy’ or luxurious. Even the more sophisticated camps and lodges tend to retain a close link with the nature around them.

Tented camps exist throughout the country, but there are an equal number of more traditional ‘safari lodges’, which vary hugely in terms of style and comfort. There are also a number of private safari houses that are ideal for family groups.

However, Zambia is particularly known for its seasonal bush camps which offer a genuine wilderness adventure. Such camps are most common in the North and South Luangwa valleys. Historically these camps, whilst comfortable, were fairly basic and always associated solely with walking safaris. Nowadays however, whilst certain bush camps retain a very adventurous feel and concentrate solely on walking, in general accommodation has become a little more sophisticated and many bush camps are now able to offer a combination of walking and driving.

In general, Zambia offers very exclusive safari accommodation and most camps and lodges are small and intimate. High quality personal hosting, sometimes by camp owners themselves, helps to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Near Livingstone and the Victoria Falls, boutique style river lodges compete with more mainstream hotel accommodation options.

Please find below a variety of individual properties and safari options available in Zambia, listed by accommodation style and where appropriate, by region. Simply click on the name to visit the property website. To learn more about the individual accommodation styles, please visit our ‘Accommodation on Safari’ section off our home page. Please contact us for up to date information and opinions on all properties, or for suggestions for your trip.

Tented Safari Lodges - South Luangwa

Tented Safari Lodges - Lower Zambezi