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  • Hi Mary, we had the most amazing time in Tanzania and want to thank you all again for the arrangements made on our behalf – everything went well, no problems, fantastic! Impala Camp, Selous – our favourite. Staff wonderful, very relaxing, food very good. We did both game drive and boat safaris. A wonderful place to stay. Kwihala, Ruaha – a completely different feel, more remote and amazing. Very ‘full on’, so we were quite tired. Game drives very exciting and on our penultimate day we managed to find the elusive cheetah! The Tides – our relaxation few days – well needed! A lovely place, excellent food (fish every evening). Great beach and very, very quiet. Staff wonderful. As you can tell, we loved every minute. Can’t think of how you could have improved your service for us, so thank you again. Our very best wishes to you and everyone at Safari Consultants.

    Pat and Jean Francois from Hampshire, travelled to Selous, Ruaha and northern Tanzania coast



Traditionally, Tanzania is one of the better value safari destinations in Africa, offering a wide variety of products and safari options to consider. However, where exclusivity and/or comfort are preferred, prices are expensive.

Typically, a tailor-made two week ‘safari and beach’ holiday with economy flights from the UK will start at around £3500.00 per person, though £4500 – £5500 per person is more usual, especially if a week or more is spent on safari. For longer or very upmarket holidays, a price range of £6000 – £10,000 per person is more realistic.

In the north of the country (Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater etc.), the better value options tend to include either adventure camping, or staying in mainstream safari hotels and lodges which offer reasonable accommodation but less exclusivity and safari ‘atmosphere’.

In the south (Selous and Ruaha), there are some ‘down to earth’ safari camps that offer a great ‘close to nature’ experience at very reasonable prices.

We appreciate that going on safari in Africa is an expensive holiday, but we are always conscious of providing ‘value for money’. Our selection of safari properties for any itinerary is based entirely upon those which we feel will most closely match your requirements, whether that be budget driven or experience driven. It is sometimes very difficult to differentiate between a top-quality safari property, and one which offers a lesser experience. Accordingly, a safari which offers value for money should not necessarily be confused with a ‘cheap’ safari.

If you are planning your first safari, we suggest you look at our Planning a Safari section.