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South Africa

  • Hi Rob, we had a superb time, Rissington Inn was extra interesting because the Rissingtons, after which it was named, are not far from us here in the Cotswolds and we understood the relevance of the pictures of American bombers! The highlights of the trip were the wild dogs and all the game that we saw, especially the pair of Honey Badgers that we saw out foraging in broad daylight in the Kruger, what a treat, never seen them before or expected to. Altogether a very good, stress free holiday, many thanks for your planning and organising.

    Doreen and Sue from Stroud travelled to South Africa

South Africa


South Africa is blessed with a huge diversity of scenery, habitat, culture, cuisine, historical interests, activities and general attractions, and can truly be described as a destination able to offer every visitor an ideal holiday suited to their requirements. Following on below, we’ll try and take you on a journey through the country, pointing out the main attractions in each of the provinces. Of course, your final holiday itinerary can take into account as many of these as you wish.