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  • Michele, we had a fantastic time in both camps. They were quite different in several ways – personnel, organisation and atmosphere, but they made a perfect pairing. Our ranger at Tanda Tula was exceptional, not just aware of everything going on but also an interesting and informative dinner companion. Animals, all 32 species, couldn’t have been better, the big 5 in one and a half hour stretch at Tanda Tula and a rare kill in front of us by equally rare wild dogs at Nottens where highlights, as was a honey badger and civet at Tanda Tula. We will be in France on the day of your summer luncheon, but would like to thank you in particular, Michele, for the efficiency of your organisation and your ability to deal with all our concerns, however trivial. Thank you so much for everything and we very much hope we will need your services again!

    Andrew and Eve spent a week on safari in the Kruger region of South Africa

South Africa


South Africa Prices

South Africa is a hugely diverse tourist destination and the price range for holidays equally wide. If you are looking for value for money, then bed and breakfast properties can be fairly inexpensive and a week touring the Cape region may cost from £1500.00 per person including car hire and international flights from the UK. Typically, expect to pay from £3200.00 for a two week self drive holiday which includes 3 nights on safari. Longer self-drive itineraries, wildlife safaris, exclusive or luxurious hotel options, combinations with other countries, beach extensions and upgraded airline seats will all add to the cost. Some top end hotels and safari properties are extremely expensive and combining a number of these properties together with business class flights can lead to costs of £10,000.00 per person and above.

We appreciate that going on safari in Africa is an expensive holiday, but we are always conscious of providing ‘value for money’. Our selection of properties for any itinerary is based entirely upon those which we feel will most closely match your requirements, whether that be budget driven or experience driven. It is sometimes very difficult to differentiate between a top-quality safari property, and one which offers a lesser experience. Accordingly, a safari which offers value for money should not necessarily be confused with a ‘cheap’ safari.

If you are planning your first safari, we suggest you look at our Planning a Safari section. We do not offer mainstream package tours (minibus tours) or cheap camping trips.