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  • Colin and Angela from Sussex travelled to South AfricaFrances, first of all again thank you (and your team) for putting together such a memorable trip, the memories will certainly stay with us. The accommodation was excellent, but we would single out Rothman Manor, The Plettenberg and Kwandwe as our favourites. To have a bottle of bubbly everywhere we stayed was a real treat, and to top it all, when the staff at Kwandwe came in singing happy birthday in both English and Afrikaans with such a gorgeous cake, that was really special. Thank you again Frances, you are a shining star and a credit to the company that is lucky enough to have you employed with them.Colin and Angela from Sussex travelled to South Africa

    Colin and Angela from Sussex travelled to South Africa
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South Africa

Family holidays

Family holidays in South Africa

South Africa is a wonderful family holiday destination. There is so much to see and do, and because the country is so sophisticated in relation to the rest of Africa, visitors are able to see and experience the continent of ‘Africa’ without really leaving their comfort zone of western standard facilities. This opportunity is very attractive to many people, but for families trying to mix an African wildlife adventure with a more general family holiday and some relaxation time, South Africa is the perfect destination.

There are too many activities on offer and places to see to account individually, though everything that the country offers is mentioned within our South Africa pages. Wildlife safaris can be undertaken in non-malarial areas if required, and your safari can represent just a small section of your overall family holiday experience. You might even consider visiting the entirely mad-made Sun City resort, a great ‘one-stop shop’ resort with a multitude of activities available to occupy even the most active child.

In terms of accommodation, many guesthouses, hotels and safari lodges offer two-bedroomed ‘family units’, family suites or have rooms which are large enough to take extra beds. There are also many self-catering apartments and private houses for hire, so there is generally no problem finding suitable accommodation.

Please visit our Family Safaris page for more general information on travelling to Africa with children, or contact us with your specific ideas and questions.