Bird Island is an outer coral island known as a nesting site for vast colonies of Sooty Terns.

Bird is the most northerly island in the Seychelles and located on the edge of the Seychelles shelf, some 30 minutes flying north of Mahé, where the ocean floor plummets to depths of 2000m. The coral island is famous for its huge population of sooty terns, which nest from May to September, as well as numerous other species including common and lesser noddies, fairy terns and white-tailed tropic birds (the total bird count for the island is nearly 100 species).

Hawksbill turtles lay their eggs from October to January, with hatchings taking place after an incubation of just under 2 months (January to April).
There is one three star lodge on the island, set amongst coconut palms, which offers a relaxed, barefoot vibe.

Snorkeling (best from October to April) equipment and sea kayaks are available and a walking tour of the island can be arranged with the resident conservationist.