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  • Dear Frances, we want to start by saying that we had the most amazing trip – we don’t make wish lists (“if you want to guarantee what you see, go to the zoo”), but we saw everything we could have hoped for and so much more, both in the variety of wildlife and animal behaviour. To summarize for all three camps, they provided really good accommodation, very good food and friendly, efficient staff. This trip reinforced the importance to us of (i) staying on conservancies and (ii) having our own guide/vehicle. Above all, the standard of guiding and understanding of the requirements for wildlife photographers was impressive. We didn’t see the need to go into the national reserve, as there was so much going on within the conservancies. An amazing trip which we both enjoyed enormously, and we now have to wade through all the photos (Sandra – 2,618 Ken over 4,000). Many thanks for booking us exactly what we asked for and for the additions you made (like booking us a hotel within the confines of Nairobi airport for our return). If you want us to sum the trip up in one word, it’s got to be that word again – WOW!!.

    Sandra and Ken from Essex travelled to Kenya
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The Mathews Range

Northern Kenya is dominated by arid desert and it is therefore quite a surprise to find lush riverine valleys and thick forested slopes in the heart of it all, but the Mathews Range is just that. Careful management of certain areas at the southern end of the range has created a huge growth in animal numbers, especially the elephants which have previously been victims of poaching. A visit to the Mathews Range should not be about game-viewing alone (except possibly the elephants), but rather more about the wilderness, scenery, exclusivity, walking and cultural interaction that can be enjoyed (including the famous ‘singing wells’). When people claim Kenya is ‘over-crowded’ with tourists, they clearly do not know about places such as the wonderful Namunyak Conservancy in the Mathews.

For further information and advice on safaris in the Mathews Range please call us on 01787 888590 or contact us to speak to one of our safari experts.

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