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  • Our trip was fantastic. We will return to Africa and when we do we will call Rob. Rob saved us from what could have been a very disappointing vacation. What most impressed me about Rob was his willingness to challenge me. Doing so could have easily cost him a client but he stuck to his guns and basically told me that I was wrong. He did so after interrogating me at length about what my daughter and I were hoping for out of our trip. He clearly knew what he was talking about. Even though I hardly knew him, he was so knowledgeable and experienced that I found it difficult to argue with him. Within a few days I surrendered to his itinerary suggestions. I am so thankful that I did. Everything that Rob said turned out to be dead right. Staying in hotels would have been a huge mistake for us. The tent camp lodging was excellent and the camps were exactly what we were looking for. The tents represented a new travel experience for us and we did not want for anything. The meals were wonderful and the wildlife (and proximity to the wildlife) vastly exceeded our expectations. The travelling was never stressful. Our itinerary provided plenty of habitat and scenic variability. We moved between properties at just the right pace. David, Michael and Steve could not have done a better job of guiding us. Their knowledge was very impressive and their passion for the wildlife was infectious. They all had a great sense of humour. All three were informative and interesting while never talking too much. I think the quality of the guides was what impressed us most. We know how difficult it is to find one person with these qualities much less three. We honestly felt sad each time that we left one of our guides behind. Clearly our guides were not picked at random, people like this are not mass produced. Finally, my initial reaction to many of the Safari Consultants reviews was that they were too good to be true. Having just returned from our SC trip, I can report that they are all accurate.

    Michael and Molly from Minnesota, USA travelled to Tanzania & Kenya
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Samburu Game Reserve, Buffalo Springs & Shaba National Park

Samburu is a relatively small reserve, but is continuous with two further protected areas, the Buffalo Springs Game Reserve and Shaba National Park, and some surrounding community lands offering low-impact tourism. The reserves lie at an altitude of around 3000’ about 100 kms north of Mount Kenya, and have a typical semi-arid habitat comprising essentially of acacia bush thicket, doum palm groves, and riverine woodland opening out into patches of saltbush grasslands and seepages. The Ewaso Nyiro River is the region’s lifeline, and responsible for the large animal populations, especially elephant and leopard, viewings of which are excellent. Other key game species found in these northern areas, include Grevy’s zebra, Reticulated giraffe, Beisa oryx and the long necked gerenuk. The bird species are representative of the drier habitat, and include such delights at the vulturine guineafowl and golden breasted starling.

The people of the region include the colourful Samburu (cousins of the Maasai), the Sakuye, Ndorobo, Somali and Boran. The Samburu can often be seen on the borders of the reserves tending to their livestock.

Samburu and Buffalo Springs are very busy reserves, but Shaba and the low-impact community lands offer greater exclusivity.

For more information on Samburu safari options please call us on 01787 888590 or contact us to speak to one of our safari specialists.

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