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  • Hello Rob, we had a successful adventure of a lifetime. Every day brought us a new sense of amazement. Thanks to your attention to detail, everything continued to go smoothly for the entire trip. We enjoyed the differences in landscape and wildlife at each new location. We were still seeing new things on our very last day. Before we left for the Nairobi airport we added the tree hyrax to our list of sighted species and we adopted an orphaned elephant named Mbegu. We were never disappointed. All the lodges, hosts, guides, staff, accommodations and meals exceeded our expectations. Your recommendations were perfect for us. The charter flights between locations gave us new perspectives on the landscapes. It is impossible to choose one favourite moment of the trip. Highlights included the entire Greystoke Mahale experience, the emotions we felt as we watched the Silverback with his family at Virunga, Lewa House with our hosts Sophie and Callum (and my new favourite animal, the baby white rhino), camping under the full moon and stars at the water hole in Laikipia with the leopard visiting at night, tenting with the hippos serenading us at Ngare each morning and a visit from a genet while we spent a night in the treehouse at Ngare. We can’t thank you enough for having made an itinerary that has given us so many cherished memories.

    Chris and Susan from Canada travelled to Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania
Elephant in the Aberdare Mountains, Kenya



Aberdare National Park

The Aberdare National Park is perhaps most famous for the so-called ‘tree lodges’ of which Treetops is the best known. The park encompasses the Aberdare range of mountains which form the eastern wall of the Great Rift Valley and rise to a height of over 13,000ft. Safaris take place on the eastern slopes (the Rift side is far too rugged for extensive travel). The lower slopes of montane forest has one of the densest concentrations of wildlife found anywhere in Kenya, whilst the beautiful Afro-alpine moorland above 10,000 feet is reminiscent of Scotland with rolling heather, giant lobelia, groundsel and wild flowers, waterfalls and trout streams. The overnight ‘tree lodges’ are popular with minivan tours, and although there is a limited choice of accommodation, the park deserves more time to explore it to its full extent. Forest denizens include giant forest hog, bushpig, sykes and black colobus monkey, and perhaps even the rare bongo antelope which was once fairly common.

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