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  • Dear Mary, we had a great time, thanks. The choice of different terrains in the Central Kalahari and the Lagoon worked well, having some different animals and birds. In one of the drives from Tao Pan, even the guide became excited at seeing a couple of elephants in the distance; apparently they do not come to the region often and these were the first to be seen in 2018. The guides in both camps were excellent and looked after us really well. Thank you for your advice and efforts. When we next have a safari holiday, we will certainly want to hear what you have to say about our ideas.

    Charles and Sandra from Essex travelled to Botswana



By way of introduction to the regions of Botswana, we first want to dwell on the Kalahari Basin, which contrary to being a specific area, is in fact the largest continuous stretch of sand in the world, from South Africa in the south to the Congo in the north. Thus it can be said that all the regions specified below fall within this greater ecosystem, and could all be called ‘the Kalahari’! However, the influence of various great waterways has allowed many of these regions to develop so that they no longer offer typical Kalahari conditions.