Provided your children are old enough, Botswana is an amazing family safari destination.

Botswana offers fantastic wildlife, genuine wilderness, varied activities and exclusivity. Families can really enjoy an adventure into the wild, with fantastic guiding and a complete escape from modern facilities and communications.

However, if your children are still young (perhaps under 10 years old, but there is no set age and it depends on each family) then you may find countries such as Kenya or South Africa more appropriate.

In terms of accommodation, some camps in Botswana have two-bedroomed ‘family units’ and safari tents are often large enough to include one extra bed. However, quadruple accommodation is not always possible, especially on more adventurous safaris (private mobile camps or more down to earth properties) and it is sometimes necessary for a family of 4 to take two individual units. If you are keen on adventure and exclusivity as a family, then you could consider a private mobile tented safari, either for your whole safari or just for a few ‘adventurous’ days (minimum three nights).

Botswana offers a wide range of safari activities, though many of the more adventurous activities (walking, horse riding etc.) will have lower age limits (normally around 14 years). In certain camps, or on private mobile safaris, specialist private guides can be arranged and activities can be orientated towards the kids as much as is required.

Please visit our Family Safaris page for more general information on travelling to Africa with children, or Contact Us with your specific ideas and questions.