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Michele returns to Zimbabwe – September, 2015

  You can imagine my elation when it was decided that it was time for me to do an educational to Zimbabwe – my beloved home! Having worked at Safari Consultants for over thirteen years, I longed... Read More

Great places in Africa to view Elephants

  Elephants are without doubt one of the most interesting species to watch on safari. Family herds are dominated by a matriarch and their social interactions can easily be seen (and heard) as they... Read More

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US suspends import of elephant trophies

Excellent news out of the US last Friday as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced the suspension on imports of ‘sport-hunted’ African elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Tanzania sighting... Read More

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Rob travels to Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools and Matusadona – October/November 2013

Set on the southern banks of the mighty Zambezi River, in northern Zimbabwe, Mana Pools has always been one of the most beautiful National Parks in Africa, home to an incredible array of wildlife. It has... Read More

Bill visits Zimbabwe after more than a decade – May 2013

It’s been an unfortunate journey for Zimbabwe since independence in the early 1980’s. The initial optimism, growth, and prosperity which produced Africa’s finest safari guides and offered a great... Read More

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