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Tented & Luxury Tented Lodges

Tented Lodges are similar to Tented Camps but have more significant foundations and facilities.

However, the differences between luxury tented camps and boutique tented lodges are often not hugely significant. Typically with lodges the central areas will be more substantial, often with facilities such as a swimming pool, health spa or library, and pathways to tents are more likely to be permanent (stone or raised wooden walkways as opposed to natural earth/sand/grass).

Tented Lodges

Tented lodges will be clearly permanent and whilst the walls of your accommodation are still canvas, your tented room will usually be built onto a concrete plinth or a raised wooden deck, often housed under a thatch roof. Tent zips are likely to be replaced by wood-frame doors, and bathrooms are often more substantial, with fully plumbed facilities. Pathways will be of permanent construction and central areas may be more extensive, sometimes with the feel of a safari hotel. As mentioned above, facilities are likely to include a swimming pool and might include library, spa or gym areas.

Luxury Tented Lodges

Luxury tented lodges will simply be more luxurious and probably also offer more sophisticated levels of food and service. These days the levels of comfort provided can be extremely high, with some of the most exclusive and luxurious safari escapes in Africa falling into this category. The very top tented lodges may include air-conditioning or private plunge pools.