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Tented Camps & Luxury Tented Camps

Tented camps are widely available across safari Africa and offer a wonderful balance between comfort and authentic adventure.

Many travelers may feel slightly uncomfortable with more adventurous mobile camps or bush camps, but we would encourage everyone to consider including a tented camp experience at some stage within their safari itinerary. Being under canvas is an authentic safari experience, allowing you to feel close to nature, even if the camp is actually very comfortable. Whilst some tented camps can be incredibly simple, luxury tented camps can be amazingly comfortable with excellent food and first class service. Either way, you are still ‘under canvas’ in Africa and can hear the sounds of the African bush at night!

Tented Camps

More adventurous tented camps will still very much offer the feeling of being on a classic tented safari adventure. However, compared to mobile camps they will have greater infrastructure and facilities, such as larger tents, more comfortable furnishings, flush toilets, 24 hour lighting, more extensive relaxation areas and more staff to look after you. Some tented camps will still have bucket showers and may be seasonal in style, feeling quite adventurous.

Luxury Tented Camps

Whilst still offering a genuine tented experience, many tented camps now offer high levels of comfort where tents are spacious and luxuriously furnished, ablution facilities are fully plumbed and central relaxation areas offer greater comforts. However, we would still not expect tented camps to have swimming pools or significant permanent foundations, though the boundary between luxury tented camps and tented lodges is becoming rather ‘blurred’!