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Safari Lodges & Luxury Safari Lodges

Safari Lodges vary hugely in style, but they are built predominantly from solid materials.

Whether you are considering boutique properties or large safari hotels, accommodation will be in rooms, cottages or chalets, often individually set but sometimes contained within terraces or blocks. 24 hour electricity and full plumbing can be taken for granted, and there will often be a perimeter fence to keep certain game species out. Comfort levels, hospitality, guiding and activities will all vary according to the size, style and quality of the property.

Safari Lodges

Accommodation will not be tented and rooms will have en suite plumbed ablution facilities. Central areas will be considerable, even in boutique lodges, and are likely to have extra facilities including a swimming pool. Lodges will vary hugely in size and quality, from small, exclusive properties to large, mainstream hotels. Whilst safari lodges often offer fantastic facilities and a sense of ‘safety’, you do sometimes to lose out on the ‘close to nature’ experience afforded by tented camps and lodges (especially with the larger properties).

Luxury Safari Lodges

Luxury safari lodges are the pinnacle of luxury on safari, and can offer everything from air-conditioning and private plunge pools to Relais & Chateaux hospitality. There is a huge range of quality from more conventional luxury to overt opulence, with South Africa leading the way in offering luxury on safari. Style can vary from traditional decor to modern flair, and the emphasis of your experience can be different from place to place – is the game viewing still the priority or are spa treatments and the wine cellar equally important? There is plenty of luxury available on safari these days, it just usually comes at a price!