Private Safari Houses & Villas

Across the safari regions of Africa there are a variety of totally private and exclusive accommodation options.

Typically created as safari houses or villas, properties can range from 2 to 6 bedrooms, hosting groups of up to around 16 guests. Everything is laid on as private for the group – meals, guiding and activities. Having a private house or villa does not guarantee that you see no other vehicles on safari, that depends on where you are visiting, but it does give you increased exclusivity in all other areas. Private houses and villas can also vary hugely in style and comfort, but whatever level they offer, they are fantastic for families or groups of friends who are seeking exclusivity and flexibility.

Safari houses are generally solid in structure with multiple en suite rooms and extensive communal areas making them perfect for families or small groups of friends travelling together. Meals and activities will be private, though it is rare to also get totally exclusive game viewing. Levels of comfort and facilities will vary (some will be quite adventurous), but the key factor is the exclusivity and privacy associated with hiring the whole facility on a private basis.

As with all things safari, there are different levels of quality and luxury available and with safari houses and villas there are a few that really offer top end luxury and sophistication. For a family or small group seeking five star sophistication and seclusion, a luxury safari house or villa would be a natural choice.