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Bush Camps & Luxury Bush Camps

Bush Camps are typically built using local materials including timber, bamboo, reeds and thatch.

They inherently feel quite adventurous, though there is a very big difference between a basic seasonal bush camp and a permanent luxury bush camp. Traditionally bush camps would be re-built each season from fresh materials, though it is now quite common for luxury bush camps to be permanent. Bush camps are common in certain parts of Africa, for example in Zambia, but do not exist everywhere.

Bush Camps

Often built (or partially re-built) seasonally, traditional bush camps offer a ‘close to nature’ experience. They will usually be built at ground level, but may sometimes be raised on permanent wooden platforms. Floors could be compacted ‘earth’ or reed matting, mosquito nets are essential and windows and doors can be open air (often with shutters for night time). Ablution facilities will vary from a long drop toilet, jug of water and communal bucket shower to potentially a flush toilet, plumbed taps and a private bucket shower, and may often be ‘open air’. The whole feel is one of being ‘seasonal’ and close to nature.

Luxury Bush Camps

Luxury bush camps are naturally more comfortable and these days are usually permanent structures, even if they close for a period of time each year. Units are likely to be larger and more sturdy, often built on solid wooden platforms and potentially under a thatch roof.  Mosquito gauze may be used for windows. Ablution facilities are still varied and may be open air, but plumbed facilities are more likely. When bush camps become very comfortable and permanent, they start to morph into a safari lodge!