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Focus on Botswana

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Welcome to Safari Consultants’ online presentation, showcasing the magic of Botswana.

As the UK’s oldest independent specialist Africa tour operator with over 30 years’ experience, our natural area of expertise lies in Botswana’s key safari areas. Through this series of exclusive video interviews and articles, we hope to offer a more rounded picture of this fascinating nation, and perhaps even inspire you to travel.


The Geography of Botswana


Botswana Conservation & Wildlife

  • Video interview with Brian Jackman with over 30 years’ experience of travel writing, with the Sunday Times & the Daily Telegraph among other publications, we ask journalist and author Brian Jackman for his views on conservation in Botswana.
  • Photo album – Safari Consultants share photos of Botswana’s wildlife.
  • Botswana Trip Report‘Rob on the trail of Wild Dog in Botswana’s Linyanti & Okavango regions’


History & Politics of Botswana


Culture & Art of Botswana



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