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  • Dear Rob, back again from one of your incredibly well planned and executed safaris! Another wonderful experience – thank you. If I’ve marked Mwamba down slightly, it certainly isn’t because we didn’t enjoy it! We just felt that it wasn’t run quite as well as Kaingo. The guides were excellent. Tena Tena was a lovely camp in a wonderful area and a good way to finish – as you said, perhaps a bit more luxurious/customer care than Kaingo. Also we felt the food at Tena Tena was better suited to us – less carbs/cakes and better meal times/arrangements than Kaingo. However, we felt the hides and extra activities at Kaingo/Mwamba certainly made up for any slight detriment on that score. Thank you very much yet again for all your help and work to produce another excellent holiday. We still have dreams of visiting Botswana again but may have to wait a few years!

    Paul and Jennifer travelled to the South Luangwa Valley in Zambia