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  • Rob, back in the mad world after three weeks in paradise! Great trip in every way. Kaingu was superb and Busanga Plains were definitely worth a visit (including a balloon ride); Chamilandu was superb and game sightings excellent. Mumbo Island was just wonderful (surprisingly, one of the highlights of the trip); then we had a good time at Mvuu before Huntingdon House (maybe an acquired taste and not quite what we were expecting but nevertheless worthwhile) then finishing up at Makulamadzi in Majete – a fab camp/lodge; great hosts and good guiding. Thanks again for getting our trip absolutely spot on!!

    Peter and Anne from Cambridgeshire travelled to Zambia and Malawi



Like most of the good safari destinations, Zambia is a reasonably expensive destination to visit. Due to the limited operating season, the safari industry is not especially commercial, and most camps are small and exclusive, but as a consequence there are a few ‘less expensive’ options. Fairly expensive internal travel (mostly done by air) does not help either (it is difficult to explore the country by self-drive and cheaper small group tours are few and far between).

Typically, a tailor-made two week ‘fly-in’ safari holiday from the UK will start at around £4000.00 per person for travel in the low season months of November, late April and May, and rise to somewhere between £5000.00 and £8500.00 per person for high season travel, which typically extends from June to October. Please remember that there are very few safari camps which operate from December to April. It is quite common for lodges to offer small discounts for extended stays of 7 nights or more with them.

We appreciate that going on safari in Africa is an expensive holiday, but we are always conscious of providing ‘value for money’. Our selection of safari properties for any itinerary is based entirely upon those which we feel will most closely match your requirements, whether that be budget driven or experience driven. It is sometimes very difficult to differentiate between a top-quality safari property, and one which offers a lesser experience. Accordingly, a safari which offers value for money should not necessarily be confused with a ‘cheap’ safari.

If you are planning your first safari, we suggest you look at our Planning a Safari section.