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  • Dear Rob, back again from one of your incredibly well planned and executed safaris! Another wonderful experience – thank you. If I’ve marked Mwamba down slightly, it certainly isn’t because we didn’t enjoy it! We just felt that it wasn’t run quite as well as Kaingo. The guides were excellent. Tena Tena was a lovely camp in a wonderful area and a good way to finish – as you said, perhaps a bit more luxurious/customer care than Kaingo. Also we felt the food at Tena Tena was better suited to us – less carbs/cakes and better meal times/arrangements than Kaingo. However, we felt the hides and extra activities at Kaingo/Mwamba certainly made up for any slight detriment on that score. Thank you very much yet again for all your help and work to produce another excellent holiday. We still have dreams of visiting Botswana again but may have to wait a few years!

    Paul and Jennifer travelled to the South Luangwa Valley in Zambia
Lake Malawi beach extension


Beach Extensions

Beach extensions to a Zambia Safari

Zambia is a land-locked country and does not offer any kind of obvious ‘beach relaxation’ options. However, there are a variety of places within Zambia where you could enjoy a more relaxing end (or beginning) to your trip. In particular, Victoria Falls and the Upper Zambezi is a destination that can always be used as a relaxing base where you can spend time resting, reading a book and undertaking some gentle sight-seeing.

Some safari regions, such as the Lower Zambezi National Park, can be deliberately included as a more relaxing section of your holiday. If you wish to end (or begin) you safari in a beautiful setting where you can enjoy sitting, reading, sleeping, eating, sunbathing and gazing as opposed to rushing about on activities, then this is easy to engineer.

Beyond Zambia’s borders, several good beach destinations exist. Closest and most logical is Lake Malawi, which is easily accessible from the Luangwa Valley. Lake Malawi is a freshwater lake, and therefore does not offer an ‘ocean experience’, but the lake has crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches and an abundance of colourful cichlid fish which makes for interesting diving and snorkelling. Fishing, sailing and kayaking are all possible as well.

If you are looking for a more traditional beach destination to combine with Zambia, then many amazing beach locations can be comfortably reached via Johannesburg in South Africa, including Mozambique, Mauritius, and the Seychelles, or the Kenyan coast via Nairobi and Zanzibar via Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). Please go to the individual country pages for more information on these destinations.