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  • A fabulous trip with amazing and fond memories forever. Felt you were amongst the animals. Other guests were great to mix with as they were of the same mind set and we had great stories of each other’s experiences. The managers whether on safari or resort were organised, professional and friendly. Respect to the environment, animals and people displayed at all times, obvious this practise was routine. Took 2000 photos and will find it difficult to trim down! The meals in the bush were very special; including toilet breaks!! Food Everywhere! Who knows how they did it in such remote areas. Thank you for organising an amazing holiday, just writing this makes me feel quite emotional about the whole experience. Special thanks to Michele.

    Jane travelled to southern Tanzania and Zanzibar



Wildlife regions and attractions in Tanzania

Generally, when planning a safari through Tanzania it is important to remember a couple of points relating to the ‘status’ of land protection. In Tanzania, ‘National Park’ status demands the highest protection to an area, and although there are odd instances where different rules may apply, in the main you will be restricted to on-road driving during the day. Walking will be limited and night drives will not be available. Game Reserves offer slightly less protection to the environment and, historically, were the areas in which hunting safaris took place. Today, some game reserves such as the Selous, have non-hunting designated areas where photographic safaris take place. Walking will be available and, in some instances, so too will night drives or river safaris. Conservation Areas offer the least protection and it is normal for there to be human settlement within the area, here the Conservation status is in place purely to restrict ‘mass development’.