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  • Dear Rob, as you know from my earlier note the holiday was an outstanding success and fulfilled all the hopes of our wide age range. We felt the amount of time at each place was just right (except for Theo who howled for two hours when it was time to leave Jembisa) and we all enjoyed the contrasts – warm embrace of Jembisa, stark exciting Mashatu, ritzy Cape Town, side trip back to Europe at Franschhoek and ending on a high with strong winds and a heaving sea full of whales at Hermanus. You worked it out so we didn’t lose too much time in travelling and what we did by road gave us the chance to glimpse the real world – which we needed to put the luxury into context. We really appreciated how much you put into two weeks. Thank you for taking so much trouble to interpret our wishes and if the piggy bank miraculously replenishes itself we shall be back!

    Carol and family travelled to South Africa and the Tuli Block in south-eastern Botswana

South Africa


South Africa is blessed with a huge diversity of scenery, habitat, culture, cuisine, historical interests, activities and general attractions, and can truly be described as a destination able to offer every visitor an ideal holiday suited to their requirements. Following on below, we’ll try and take you on a journey through the country, pointing out the main attractions in each of the provinces. Of course, your final holiday itinerary can take into account as many of these as you wish.