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  • Hi Frances, we have been back for a while, took some time to get sorted and slip back into our lives, and now I want to give you some feedback on our trip to Namibia. In short, it was very different from Tanzania and a unique experience that you, again, organized very well. We had a fantastic time and we are very grateful for your excellent service! Let me say a word about the trip in general. First and foremost, we loved it! Secondly, it was well-designed in the sense that the initial camping trip was a bit rough and outdoors, which took as out of our office mind-sets and it ended with an inspiring highlight in Mundulea. This made us think that we were in such good hands when we asked you to arrange the trip for us. We came back with a very happy feeling and we are very grateful for the trip that you organized for us. Thank you again for that.

    Rainer and Joyce from Singapore travelled to Namibia
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The Caprivi Strip

The Caprivi Strip is that finger of north-east Namibia which stretches eastwards and is sandwiched between Angola/Zambia in the north, and Botswana in the south. The habitat is completely different to the rest of Namibia and is largely influenced by the four major rivers which form the boundaries or bisect it – the Zambezi, Chobe, Kwando and Okavango. Mahango, Babatwa, Mudumu and Mamili national parks are far more like the wildlife areas of Botswana, though in terms of wildlife, they are the ‘poorer relations’. The exception is possibly a small area of land at the eastern end of the Babatwa National Park, where an upmarket safari lodge can be visited and there are reasonable populations of big game.

Excellent birding and fishing can be found throughout the Caprivi, especially in the far east where Katimo Mulilo offers access to the Zambezi River and Impalila Island to the Chobe River. There are a couple of excellent lodges on Impalila Island which are most easily accessed from Kasane (Botswana) and often used as an alternative to the busy mainstream safari lodges found in Botswana’s Chobe National Park.

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