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  • Having now completed our first Botswana safari we appreciate more fully how thoughtfully you had put the itinerary together. This was also commented on very favourably by other travellers we met and talked to and who wanted to know who had set up our safari. Very many thanks for that. Everyone we met in Botswana and Namibia was welcoming, pleasant and helpful. We cannot remember such universal warmth on any previous trip we have made. In our time we have both visited about 100 different countries either for work or pleasure.

    Don & Gillian travelled to Botswana & Namibia’s Caprivi Strip



Wildlife regions and attractions in Namibia

Namibia is a vast country stretching from the Kunene River in the north to the Orange River in the south, a distance of some 1500 kms. It is dominated by central highlands which split the Atlantic coastal belt from the arid Kalahari basin to the east. Unless you have plenty of time on your hands, it is a mistake to try and do too much as the country is simply too big. However, if you’re looking for incredible desert scenery and ‘extreme’ wilderness, Namibia is certainly the country to go to.