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  • Felicity and Rob travelled to Madagascar Good afternoon Bill and Rob, some feedback as requested: Our guide Lalaina and our driver Njiva were excellent, as was our guide, Petrice, at Vakona Lodge. His knowledge of birds was fantastic and his ability to see minute species of chameleons and camouflaged birds was unbelievable. You were quite right to say not to do the night walk at Ranomafana. Laurie, our guide was sure that we would see the Mouse Lemur but as we were joined by 30 other tourists of the Mouse Lemur there was no sign. Laurie was another excellent guide, very caring of us old folk! The drive to Le Jardin du Roy was spectacular (we drove through two swarms of locusts) and the hotel wonderful. I have to say thank-you for arranging a birthday cake which was lovely. Everyone thought there was a power cut when the lights went out for the arrival of the candle lit cake! The holiday was an amazing experience even if there were one or two ‘should a grandmother really be doing this?’ moments. The poverty was some of the worst that we have ever seen, even so the people seem happy and friendly. It is worrying that the wildlife is still under threat. Tourism helps the economy and if there are no lemurs to see it will dry up.Felicity and Rob travelled to Madagascar

    Felicity and Rob travelled to Madagascar


Country Map

Map of Madagascar

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  • Indri, Perinet Mantadia, Madagascar


    The premier Perinet-Analamazaotra Special Reserve is within easy reach of the capital and is an area of beautiful hill rainforest. It is exceptional for the Indri and some special birdlife.

  • Ranomafana Forest, Madagascar


    A stunning park of mid-altitude rainforest situated about two hours from Fianarantsoa with nine species of lemur and some excellent insect and bird viewing.

  • Isalo rocks, Madagascar


    Located close to Rinohira, the impressive sandstone massif rises from the plain. Excellent walks through the ravines and along the ridges, with various lemur species to spot and Benson’s rock thrush a notable birding ‘tick’.

  • Sifaka, Berenty, Madagascar


    A private reserve on the edge of a sisal plantation with exceptional viewing of the ‘dancing’ Verreaux’s sifaka and ring-tailed lemur. Easy walking through the forested habitat which includes spiny forest.

Perinet/Mantadia Ranamofana Isalo Berenty